Former Conservation & Environmental Education Programs



e00000146.jpgLaginagala Junior College
Science (biology), math and English tuition programme

The level of teaching in subjects such as science (biology), math and English is poor in rural schools in human-elephant conflict areas. Competence in these subjects will enable rural children to be more inquisitive and aware of their surroundings, leading them to be sensitive to the environment. This programme is aimed at Year 10 and 11 students of Laginagala Junior School near the northern part of Udawalawe National Park. ASERC pays teacher salaries for this special programme.    


02.jpgMagama Central College

Science (biology), maths and English tuition programme
After the Laginagalla College project, the Magama Central College is the second ASERC sponsored education project, teaching biology, maths and English.

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