A big drawing contest with a total of 261 participants of "Friends of Fauna & Flora" was held in spring 2016. The colourful illustrations often show the "grey giants" in their protected areas and every student has written down his own little story. Five winners were awarded from each age group and a certificate for the outstanding, creative performance was handed over.



lasari dahamsa, year 3.jpg



Painting by Leesari Dahamsa - "The Splendour of a Forest"


The Sun has arisen above the mountain.

The forest trees are green in colour.

A butterfly sits on a flower.

This butterfly has several colours.

The four flowers have different colours.

The birds are happy.

I like this wonderful forest.

S.A. Leesari Dahamsa

Painting by Sachintha Chaturanga - “Wonder of the Forest”


Nature is the wonder of the forest.
We shall protect this blessing.
There are different types of animals in the forest.
There are Elephants, Deer, Leopard as well as Buffalos living in it.  
Deer come to village lakes in search of drinking water.
We shall take a pledge that we would look after the wonder of the forest.

By B.M. Sachintha Chaturanga

wonder of the jungle - l. a. sanduni nimesha, year 6.jpg

Painting by Sanduni Nimesha - “Environment”


The environment is the valuable dowry given to us by Nature. We ourselves who depend on it, and also helpful to us, should protect it.

We cannot imagine how valuable is the resources of glittering green flora, water, large forest tracks and the wildlife in our country.

Our country blessed with a beautiful natural environment, is now in the news as on the path of environmental degeneration. Many people are involved in cutting trees, destroying valuable forest to earn quick money.

A person who knows the value of a tree would not even imagine of cutting a tree less using a axe.

Time has arrived to grow more trees and plant a tree for every tree that dies naturally. We should ensure that our country glitters with greenery from trees.

We will all join together to achieve this object.

By L.A Sanduni Nimesha