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Based on the review of needs about awareness programmes, Gaby Schwammer from Vienna Zoo is developing and conducting innovative, challenging and effective conservation training programmes.

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Conservation Education Aspects

There are many different species of animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. These species need to be saved and the Asian elephant is one of them.

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dsc_0254.jpgConservation & Environmental Education Programs of ASERC
Extensive educational and environmental protection projects could be launched by ASERC in three schools.
All three schools are located north of the Udawalawe National Park in a more or less dry area, which is characterized by rice cultivation.
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The ASERC Conservation Education Policy 2016 - 2019
"Our kids from today and tomorrow in the middle of our point of view for the way forward!"

The policy with a 3-year program was developed for special schools, who support conservation ex-situ and in-situ and was extended to a 4th year as not the whole program could be realized within this period. School project of the Conservation Education Policy were performed in 2019 as well. A new policy will be signed in spring 2020.
The document is used to guide and inform the practice of conservation education and provide a coordinated approach for the next 4 years and includes a diverse offer with numerous activities for students aged five to seventeen years.
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                                           School Projects

   After the new cooperation was started at the beginning of 2016, remarkable results were achived and many projects could be already realised.

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Drawing & Art Competitions       Nature Committee                Butterfly Garden    
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         Herbal Garden                Educational Field Trips                 School Library

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