By Gaby V. Schwammer

There are many different species of animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. These species need to be saved and the Asian elephant is one of them. Elephants have been on earth for thousands of years. It is sad to think that they may disappear in our lifetime. Elephants need to be conserved if the species is to survive. Through the ASERC education conservation program we want people to know how special elephants are.

The forests are being cut down and the elephants have nowhere to go. Sometime, elephants try to walk to their waterholes, but they cannot get there because there are farms and buildings in the way. Sometimes, they are hungry and eat the farmer food crops. Then people get angry because they have no food.

In such cases it is very important to inform people about all biological aspects of an elephant’s life. The more people know about the fantastic big greys and how special they are, the more they will work to find a way for people and elephants to live together. Therefore we work intensively in conservation education under the lead of ASERC (Austrian Sri Lankan Elephant Research & Conservation Project).