held in Laginagala Junior School (Laginagala Kanishka Vidyalaya) 


After a few years of conservation education work in the Udawalawe National Park area, it is amazing how intensive and effective the results are. New awareness has been created under the umbrella of ASERC.

dsc_0710a.jpgThis gave rise to the first ASERC Drawing Contest in 2009 during the month June and July. The students were invited to participate under the specific topic "elephant, the big grey one and his environment". The whole equipment for the contest was founded by ASERC and the contest was divided into five different age groups and runs until the end of July 2009.

Participants added their special impressions in which way the Asian elephant is integrated in the whole natural system - living together with other animals for example, or any other conservation aspects, where elephants are included.

dsc_0743a.jpgElephants have always held a great fascination for mankind and have played a special, symbolic role throughout the cultural history. On the one hand they are appreciated as working animals - on the other hand mankind has driven them to the brink of extinction in its greed for the precious ivory.

In total 220 students participated in the contest - some of the students had done more than only one painting. It was a very difficult job for the jury to select the best one of each grade, because all of them were extra-ordinary done. The final decision was made the day before the big ceremony on 29th July, 2009 afternoon at Laginagala Junior College.

Foto from left to right:
Mr. A.M.R. Mendis - Principal
Gaby V. Schwammer
Mrs. Ramyalatha Witharana - Vice Principal

The winners were presented during a big award ceremony on 30th July, 2009. Each of the them were awarded with a special ASERC-Certificate. The winners got a Bank savings-book, an ASERC-Button, and each winner of the 1st place got additionally a silver-coin also.

For the detailed results of the drawing contest please click here F