International Elephant Conservation & Research Symposium 2008 


Sri Lankan elephant specialists presented their work at the International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium 2008.




203 delegates from 18 countries joined the International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium which was organized by the IEF (International Elephant Foundation), the Asian Elephant Foundation  and the Mahidol University and was held  in Pattaya, Thailand at the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden from November 24 to 26, 2008.
Country Number of Delegates
Australia 5
Austria 4
Canada 3
China 2
England 2
Germany 10
Hungary 2
India 16
Indonesia 2
Israel 1
Japan 6
Lao PDR 2
Singapore 2
Sri Lanka 9
Thailand 100
The Netherlands 3
UK 7
USA 27
Total 203

A wide range of scientific presentations were on the program, also the ASERC presented their work  and eight talks were held from Sri Lankan elephant specialists: 

Harald Schwammer , Introductory talk
Global elephant management – working together to conserve in-situ and ex-situ elephant populations. 

Shermin de Silva
Status of elephants at Uda Walawe National Park, Sri Lanka. 

Ravi Corea
Keeping the elephant visible in the public eye: establishing a veterinary healthcare, husbandry and breeding program for captive elephants in Sri Lanka. 

Oswin Perera
Elephant behavior and human-elephant conflict mitigation. 

Ravi Corea
A land use approach to mitigating human elephant conflict: reconciling agriculture and elephant conservation. 

Ravi Corea
The outcomes and lessons learned from 10 years of saving elephants by helping people project. 

Jayantha Jayewardene
Awareness creation amongst children for elephant conservation in Sri Lanka. 

Ashoka Dangolla
The effect of chain length on stereotypic behavior of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus maximus) in a captive management facility. 

Ashoka Dangolla
Human directed aggression in captive elephants in Sri Lanka.