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The dry zone planes where Lanka Gasifiers Pvt Ltd (LGL) implements its projects are also the home to the Sri Lankan sub species of the Asia Elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) - where they share parts of the landscape with the people. Coexistence is always a challenge. Good lighting keeps elephants away by and large and this is one of the factors that rally the people around an electrification project. Therefore, it is natural that LGL encourages conservation and elephant conservation in particular, as part of its broader mission.

With a couple of the founders of both ASERC Project and LGL being same and considering the synergies between the two entities, LGL partners with ASERC Project and in addition provides pro bono logistical support to ASERC Project work in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Gasifiers Pvt Ltd (LGL) is a company that provides distributed energy solutions that the rural populations can implement for themselves. Currently, as part of its start up phase, LGL designs, develops, manufactures and deploys Biomass Gasifier Generators.  LGL is registered as a Board of Investment (BOI) company under the Nipayum Sri Lanka 300 Factories Programme. 

LGL having implemented Sri Lanka's first village biomass electrification systems now implements such projects through independent entrepreneurs or developers.

LGL provides a broad range of services to potential entrepreneurs or developers and through them to the rural people - from robust and economical technology to the sharing of our significant experience in technology, project management and the growing of biomass.

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