Detection Project (EDP) - Human Elephant Conflict Project
Udawalawe Pokunatenna – Yala

On locality team: Udawalawe, Pokunnatenna:
Eng. Lalith Seneviratne, Dr. Harald M. Schwammer

Sri Lankan technical research team:
Dr. Sanath Alahakoon, Dr. Janaka Wijayakulasooriya, Parakrama Ekanayake. University of Peradeniya

Vienna technical research and development:
Prof. Norbert Bartos.
Vienna Elephant communication:
Dr. Angela Stoeger Horwath

Elephant vocalization research programme of the Vienna Zoo will be extended to cover Asian elephants. Extensive recordings of elephant calls using the recorder developed by the EDP will be made over the next year and these results will be analysed. Concurrently, the elephant vocalization detector developed to the prototype stage by the EDP will be developed to product stage jointly by the Sri Lanka EDP team and Austrian IT engineer.

The detector can then be used as an aid to for vocalization research and
conservation management. Funding will be sought and made available for two part-time Sri Lankan engineers to continue to work on the EDP project to advance the detector and develop other related applied conservation technology tools. Parallel development of technical rquirements in Sri Lanca (two students part time), and in Vienna via TGM.