The number of wild-living Asian elephants in Sri Lanka decreases rapidly, mainly because of the human-elephant conflict. Many elephants die for a few hand of full rice or paddy due to the conflict with resident farmers in Sri Lanka. Some elephants, especially bulls, are crop-raiding fields, mostly in night time. In one night they can destroy an annual harvest for the farmers, which in most cases is a personal tragedy for the whole family.

Today an average of 150 elephants are killed annually by people, while the elephants kill an average of around 40 people per year. These averages rose from 50 elephant deaths and 12 human deaths per year at the end of the 1980s. 

ASERC Project is actively looking into elephant related solutions and is doing research and conservation on wild living elephants and elephants under human care respectively. These include all research which might help to get detail information about elephant’s behaviour in reacting with their environment, like vocal communication, thermoregulation, metabolism and social behaviour.

ASERC gives financial aid to the elephant care centres in Sri Lanka and supports with experts in the veterinarian and management sector. In addition ASERC provides a better education for local people and children in schools, but above all to make better contact with local farmers.

A further aim is to improve public relations and build a better network with the various existing organisations worldwide. Besides, ASERC is concerned about all other wild species and their interaction with modern civilisation.