The Austrian Sri Lankan Elephant Research & Conservation Project
(termed ASERC Project)
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  • ASERC was born through the natural  progression  of  the cooperation extended  by Schoenbrunner Tiergarten  (Vienna Zoo) and the organisation "Friends of the Vienna Zoo" to conservation efforts in Sri Lanka.

  • ASERC was founded in 2005. This is an agreement on cooperative research and species protection projects dealing with Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. This involves elephants both in-situ (wild-living) and ex-situ (under human care).

  • Research proposals, projects and programs from Austrian colleagues will be coordinated by Harald Schwammer, those from Sri Lankan colleagues by Lalith Seneviratne. A new research team has been established for in-situ and ex-situ conservation projects for Asian Elephants.  

Founder team (from left to right):
Gaby V. Schwammer, Head of the Zoo education, Vienna Zoo
Brigadier H.A.N.T. Perera, former Director Department of National Zoological Gardens
Eng. Lalith Seneviratne, HEC Project Pokunutenna
Dr. Harald M. Schwammer, Vice Director, Vienna Zoo